The teachable heart...

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground” Psalms 143:10

David is a great person to learn from. Here in his song to God he tells of how he cries out for mercy and how his desire is to really server the Lord. Here he says for God to teach him to do his will. It is a powerful thing to say. Being open to be teachable to God. If there is anything that is important that is to be open to God and what He wants to do. Despite his hard life David dedicated his life to God and had an open teachable heart. It is something to be inspired about.

Now how can this apply to me. No matter what goes on in life I am inspired by David because no matter what happened he stuck to God and tired to live his best for him. I aspire to have this kind of resilience to hold on to God and no matter what. It’s not that I don’t know what is about me but sometimes I struggle to be this type of man. It is not easy. It is easier when you have things against you. Let’s face it the phrase “Jesus is all you need, because sometimes Jesus is all you got,” that is easy. It is when you are under pressure, under times of stress, those are the times where I have to cling to God. But also times when things are going good when things are easy and when there is no pressure at all, those are the times when it is most important to cling to God. Being open to God and having Him mold me is the key to clinging to God. I must have this openness so He can lead e to level ground. That is the true desire, to be close to Him and be on level ground.

Lord help me to be close to you so that I can learn from you. I want to learn from You so you can guide me to level ground.


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