He is Always Around

Luke 24:32

They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

When you read this verse, you have to put it into context of what is going on here. From the perspective of the disciples here, all is lost. Jesus was just crucified, his core disciples had scattered, and the bulk of his followers have fallen away. With all that just happening, this story picks up. A few of his disciples are walking to Emmaus, a short seven mile walk (which takes about two hours depending how fast or slow you walk) from Jerusalem. On the way these disciples encountered who they thought was a stranger but it was really Jesus. For the remainder of the day these disciples had full conversations and discussions with Jesus about what just happened. But they did not realize that it was him the whole time. He taught them showed the what the deal was with the scriptures, they got all excited. Then it dawned, or it was revealed, that it was Jesus. In the midst of all this excitement and craziness, Jesus was there.

You know it is easy to just push it aside and say that God is always around you. We can know that intellectually, but to live as if Jesus is in every situation, in every aspect of life is somewhat a tough statement to really take a hold of. When you live knowing that Jesus is always there, now matter what, it changes how you view things. The disciples here were having a discussion of the scriptures. Then all of a sudden they realized that he was in their midst. He was there. Yet, he was there the whole time. When they realized that, things changed. Their perspective changed, their attitudes changed, and their focus changed.

Lord help us to realize that you are always around. When we recognize that you are ever present, our lives become more different because you are there.


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