Righteous Benefits...

“Praise the Lord. Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands.” Psalms 112:1

The great thing about this chapter is that it has the whole explanation of what it means to be a man of God and all the benefits of living for Him. So what are the benefits of living for God in a righteous lifestyle: your children will be mighty, you have wealth and riches, darkness does not over take you, you do not fear bad news. Characteristics include someone who follows the Lord’s commands, fears God, is generous with his wealth. The benefit outweighs the the loss.

As I write this I am in local 24 hour restaurant here. I got placed here on the counter. At first I wasn’t exactly too thrilled to be here. But as it turns out this is exactly where I need to be. God has wonderful ways of teaching lessons. At first I was complaining in my head about my location. But after I started this devotion I just stopped complaining. Then in a moment I was given the chance to just observe what is going on around me. Here at this counter I was able to observe the servers, the cooks, the bus boys, the customers, and even the dishwasher. It’s crazy how much goes on behind the food. These guys work hard. It’s hot, its busy and they are on their feet all the whole time. Okay, my job isn’t exactly easy, but really, computers can keep me up all night, but I am in a cool air condition room, with a Coke in my hand, reading numbers on a screen. Okay sometimes I have to get down and dirty and run wire in the walls, but really it’s not that hard. Here it is kind of crazy. So what does this have to do with today’s devotions? It takes a lot to make a restaurant run. Much like it takes a lot for a man to live a life that is pleasing to God, yet the benefits are amazing. Like here, I can enjoy good food with out cooking, cleaning, and preparing. Yet it doesn’t negate the fact that the work must get done. So the lesson lies that if you want all the benefits of being a man who is blessed by God, then you got to do the hard stuff and fear the Lord. Fearing the Lord is not easy. It’s an adjustment of lifestyle, it is constant denying your desires. It’s humbling yourself daily and submit to God. Not easy work. No wonder God bless so. If His child is willing to be humbled and willing to submit to His plans. I can see why God rewards.

Lord at first I tried to see what the secret was to all the benefits, but really it’s simple: love you and obey your commands. Lord thank you for this wonderful lesson in such an unexpected place.


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