How do I look?

“Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment” John 7:24

Here the poeple were either confused, mad, or just doubtful. Here Jesus just did several miracles and yet still most people did not get what Jesus was saying. The heart of the matter is what is real here. We have people that either are just playing around with God. I know that it might be kind of hard to take at face value, but come on man. God has shown them miracles and still really the are making judgments.

Now I’m not better either, because do I not also suffer what these people have, but also that I know what happens at the Bible. Jesus wins. He conquers sin and death. So I should be excited over this news. But in reality I walk away from the Gosple just as eaisly as the others. I begin to ask question, I begin to change my thinking. But really, God is eternal and I must choose him daily.

Lord I thank you.


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