Heart full of Idols

Then the word of the Lord came to me, “Son of man, these men have set up idols in their hearts and up wicked stumbling blocks before their faces. Should I let them inquire of me at all?” Ezekiel 14:2-3

Pretty bold move to ask what God thinks after putting idols in your heart before the Lord. That is kind of crazy. It makes no sense that they do that. It’s like they are trying to do the religious tour. I can see why God would be mad. I wouldn’t want to be inquired of if they are listening to lies. The leaders of Israel are making big mistakes here in these verses. God through out this book of Ezekiel has shown that he wants their total hearts, and when there is something else in it like an idol. It makes it impossible for God to work in there. Not a good move for the leaders, not a good move for anyone who wants advice from God. To make matters worse, it’s not like they do not understand that it is wrong, it is like they choose not to do the right thing.

So much to learn from these people that Ezekiel has to deal with. Knowing that there is impending destruction coming, I don’t think I would be in the most chipper mood. But the lessons are clear. I like to think that as I read about these guys I am not like that. But the more and more I read, I realize that the daily devotions have been more like a mirror to my soul. There are some things that are okay, but for the most part there are thing that need to be worked on. Today, is no exception. I read about having idols in their hearts, but then I look into my heart, and yes there are things that are in the way of God. I may not see them as idols but I know that they have no place in being in competition with God. So I got to purge them from my life. Not exactly the easiest thing to do.

Lord I pray to against the idols in my heart. Lord I want to run to You and not look back. Thank you, Lord for leaving such great lessons in Your Word.


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