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Lax in God's work

Jeremiah 48:10 A curse on him is is lax in doing the Lord’s work. A curse on him how keeps his sword from bloodshed. This is what we to need recognize, that doing God’s work is not only a necessary thing to do but we should not be lax in doing it. The Moabites should have been focusing on doing God’s work. It’s pretty obvious here that they were not walking closely with God. Therefore this warning takes place. The word here though is not disobedience it is lax. Lax according to the dictionary means not careful enough, not strict enough, not firm, vague. It’s not disobedience, they just let things slide. It’s like they did not clean up their mess after they cooked dinner, they just left it. They got lazy, they got content, whatever you call it, they just let it go. But now the Lord is calling out on them. But I’m sure this did not do that overnight, it must have been  a slow decline, a slow fade. It’s like becoming out of shape, you don’t notice it till you have hike a hill