A foot wash...

Jesus answered, “A person who has had a bath needs only to wash his feet; his whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not every one of you.” John 13:10

Here Jesus washes his disciples feet which is symbolic of service to each other. The whole thing of washing your feet is kind of gross. It’s not like today where we have shoes and paved roads. These guys had sandals and dirt roads. So foot washing was kind dirty. But here the beautiful symbolism is that we are to serve or brothers and sisters in Christ, because if we are all walking together then we will get dirty, we will get dirt on or feet. But we don’t need to be cleansed each and every time. We just need Jesus to wash or feet and continue our journey. The washing of feet energizes you, it makes things clear, and gets you ready for the next leg of the journey.

There are times in my journey with Christ that I feel like my feet are tired and dirty. There are times where I just need a little pick me up. It’s good to know that God will be there to give me an encouragement, and wash my feet. After those times I am totally refreshed by what He does to me that it encourages me to go walk more and continue. Also at times, when I feel discouraged a brother in Christ is there to encourage me to move more in the image of Him. Though I know there is more meaning behind these verses, I know that these verses have tons of Biblical truths, but for today. I think God just is reminding me that He loves me and is washing my feet.

Lord you are amazing. Thank you for this wonderful word. Thank you for encouraging me.


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