The shortest verse in the bible...

“Jesus wept.” John 11:35

This is the shortest verse in the Bible, but it’s impact is pretty powerful. What was going on in the back story was crazy. A close friend of Jesus, dead. People crying and weeping all around. There were questions being asked, “Why did you come so late Jesus?” or other questions such as, “Let’s see what He does now?” With so much happening all around, Jesus here at this moment did exactly what I wouldn’t expect. He cried. He cried for the people who were lost, who were so caught up in the here and now that the death of Lazarus was seen as an end on itself. He cried for the hearts of those who did not understand this, and plotted to kill him. He cried for those who did not see that the salvation of the world was right in their midst. He cried for the death of a friend. At this time we see Jesus who is very God, be very human all at the same time. This is an amazing thing that happens where God show how much He loves us. Then in the thickness of the darkness around, Jesus brought forth a great miracle. Someone rose from the dead.

In my life I know that there were many dark times, where things were falling apart, where I was unable to find my way out of the cold. Where there were confusing things happening everywhere. But God all the time, works his greatest miracles through those times. Here is no exception. The great miracle was about to happen. Often times am like the people. My faith is wandering, I am uncertain who God is in my life and things are falling apart all around. But here God cools tempers and insures all those, that He is in charge. Likewise in my life, when things fall apart, I know that God is in charge, that Jesus saves and I have nothing to fear. I often forget this and I wonder what the heck to do when things are falling around. I must realize that God is there, the miracle is around the corner, and most of all He is crying along with me.

Lord thank you for your unending love. It is refreshing to know that You love me so much.


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