My soul finds rest in God...

“My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress I will never be shaken.” Psalms 62:1-2
I never really paid attention to this Psalm until I the praise song by Shane and Shane. Then after giving this a little study, this is an awesome Psalm. It is written by King David, and the brief commentary says that David in this psalm expresses complete trust in God and that he believes that God will bring him out of this situation at that time. Apparently David has enemies coming at him at every side. Jerusalem is on the verge of being attacked. But David expresses his complete trust in God. Salvation comes from no one but God. This is unbelievable how much he trust God. David rest in God, his salvation comes from God, and he cleaves to God and God alone.
There are so many lessons to learn here from this passage. Besides the obvious, that we need to trust in God alone, but that of having faith in God and knowing He is the only one we need to trust in. It’s not that I didn’t know it, but being human I forget. I sometimes forget how much we really need to trust God. I forget that I myself need to believe like David. In God alone he rest in. Therefore it needs to be God alone I rest in. It needs to be in God alone. When things are great, it is God alone I should trust in, when things fall apart, it is God alone I should trust in. Our hope should be in no one else but Him. David makes this point very clear. How can I now take this and apply it my life.
Lord you are the Rock, you are my salvation. Who really should I be trusting in? Thank you for the reminder that it is in You and You alone I should trust in.


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