Just Take It Already... but do it right

So Joshua said to the Israelites,“How long will you wait before you begin to take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you?” Joshua 18:3

By now Joshua is old. He must have been leading the Israelites for like almost 40 years. And now after all of that the Israelites still haven’t distributed the land among them. But here, they finally do it. The finally decide to break it up and distribute it. They finally participate in the spoils. But it’s how they divided up the land. First they made it a point to distribute (Josh 18:3), then they appointed leaders to survey the land and describe it (18:4). They brought everything back to Joshua and he then went to the Lord and let God distribute (18:6). Good process to follow. If you examine it, you can take the situation and apply it to any problem. First you must address it, then you get an account of what was exactly the situation, and when it is all sorted, you go and pray over it and allow God to speak through to give action points. This seems to be a repetitive process that happens again and again in the Bible. Not only do you see it here, but also when the apostles needed to replace Judas. They used the same process.

Now, how can I apply this to my life. Well, the easy answer is Just do it. The hard answer is when I get my brain in the way and I begin to over analyze things and I don’t do it. So today’s application. Learn how to make a decision and just do it.

Lord help me to now take what I learned and apply it to my life today.


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