Cleaning Time

“Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death, you must purge the evil from among you...” Deut 21:21

“You must not desecrate the land that Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance.” Deut 21:22b

Kind of an interesting study in Deuteronomy, God lays down the law that reveals what to do in war and also what to do if you accidently killed someone. What is interesting to see is the theme that God is going after here. He is striving to keep the land Holy. That there is no unrighteousness or wrongdoing in the land. He stresses swift justice in order to maintain the integrity of the place they are in. What is interesting is God is showing the importance and the seriousness of righteousness.

I think the one theme here is to purge, purge the evil in my life. Purge even the accidental evil that was committed. Be swift and be quick to eradicate the bad. Kind of like a colon cleanse. It’s tough but it does take out all the stuff. I did it one time. I went through the whole house and examied all my possessions and asked, “Does this honor the Lord?” And it’s not like I had all kinds of bad stuff, but there were some things that maybe could have been sold, or given away, there were some things that had to be thrown out. Whether it was moral or not, the question was that does this honor the Lord. And after the items were gone, it was much better.

Lord maybe you are calling for a cleans.


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