Consecration yourself!

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

What a talk. What a charge. Consecrate yourself! Man, if a leader told me that before I was about to enter a promise land. I would be psyched! That means you know God is going to do some something awesome. When I saw this I immediately was drawn to this verse. God was about to bust out the hammer, and bring out the bacon. He was stepping to the plate and getting ready to hit a home run. He ask His people to consecrate themselves and get ready for something great.

So after I read this I got to thinking, how come God don’t do anything like this now? I mean how come no one says to me, “consecrate yourself!”? Yes, I know that this is a special time for the Israelites and they were going over to conquer in the promise land. But I know that this just sparked expectancy in their hearts. They must have become more aware that the next day was going to be awesome. So what does this all mean for me. Why shouldn’t I expect this in my life everyday. God is a God who does things that are awesome daily. Maybe not thing that directly affect me, but I know that He works in might ways around the world. So why not expect something awesome from my God. Why no consecrate my heart for what is coming. Why not consecrate my heart so that the Lord can do amazing things among my life. Why not?!

Lord I often so forget that there are many things that happen in life. I know that you are performing miracles everyday. So Lord today and everyday help me to consecrate my heart.


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