Trusting in God

“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said ot him...” Romans 4:18

The story of Abraham is somewhat amazing. If you think about it, he was old, his wife was old, yet he was promised to have offspring that would be more numerous then the stars, but at that time he didn’t even have a kid yet. Yet God miraculously provided. He gave him what was promised. That must have taken a lot of faith. Trusting in God for that long of a time, to hold on to a promise that was given for that long, that is faith. Now Abraham could have given up anytime and no one would have blamed him. It was after all, for all arguments sake, impossible to father a child at his wife’s age. And it’s not like he wasn’t trying. They were probably trying to conceive a child for maybe three decades but were not successful. That’s a long time to hold out in faith. That is a long time to pass and during that time he must have gone through some sort of doubt or maybe just question God a little. Today you would call that a Shattered Dream. Many people will give the advice of to move on from that dream. But not Abraham, he held on because he absolutely knew it was God.

So the lesson here, if God gives you a promise, and you are absolutely sure it is God, then he will bring it to pass. God will. That is His nature, that is what He does. He follows through. I just have to believe in faith. Now for me that’s all that easy especially when you are waiting on a promise. Hours feels like days, days feels like weeks, and weeks feel like years. Waiting on God’s timing can feel like an eternity. But the reward in trusting God is great. Now there are lots of things I believe that God wants to use me for and bring certain promises to me. But i know that i just have to trust him and wait. But waiting on God can be hard. But oh the rewards are great.

Lord, your plans are worth it. Help me to have the faith to hold on.


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