The Call to Follow

“Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” -Jesus (Matt. 5:19)

Jesus when he calls you it is very bold and very direct. When he gives a command there is power, authority, and influence behind Him. Well, he is God of course, but what does this mean, for him to be so bold and connected that people just follow. I love this verse, it just beckons you to listen, and stirs a fire within you. Or if you have been following for quite some time this should reignite the fire that so burns within. The call to be a fisher of men. What an amazing call.

Every time I read this verse it just makes me stop and reexamine my call to be a fisher of men. What have I been doing to be an influence to the kingdom of God? How have I been a fisher of men? Often times I get caught up in too much of me, and I don’t closely listen to the Father’s call. Being a fisher of men, entails so much. To be the light in the midst of darkness, to bring hope to the hopeless, to be an ambassador of justice and peace, and most of all to love. When I left my past behind to walk in this call, I didn’t realize the weight of the decision, but the rewards have been so great. However, in many ways I have slightly lost focus, my sights have not been as sharp. So today I challenge myself and see how I am being a fisher of men. I was once asked what are three things I want to be know for. I want three those three things to be a result of being a fisher of men.

Lord I ask you that you hear my cry and grasp my call to your heart. Help me hear your voice and see what and where you want me to go. Be with me as I become more of a fisher of man.


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