Hard Core!

So Thomas, called the Twin, said to his fellow disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with him (Jesus)” -John 11:14
Thomas is pretty crazy. Either that or he was extremely stupid. The danger of Jesus returning to Jerusalem was eminent. He was a marked man with a price on his head. But Thomas knew the danger and said, Let’s do it! Somehow, I get the feeling that he knew. Thomas knew. He knew of the danger, he knew of the circumstances. But he stared in it and said, “Let’s go die!” What boldness.
These disciples confuse me, at times they show great boldness and then at times they are complete cowards. In this case I am seeing the more better side of what Thomas is really know for is, “the doubter.” For now though in this moment he shows great leadership. It’s pretty inspiring if you ask me. The lesson here is that we all should have this kind of boldness that Thomas has when the Lord commands us to do things. Often times God gives us a command, then we just kind of let it go. Or let it pass along the way. Thomas here is bold and says, “let’s go for it.”
Lord I pray for this kind of determination when it comes to following you. I pray for your strength and power.


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