Restart... Sort of...

Up until now, this blog has pretty much been my daily devotions. Which has seem to be going well, however, often times during devotions I get called into acton. Today was one of those “action” days. What was supposed to have been a time of reflection and spending time with God, quickly escalated into one of those “woe is me” sessions where I began to express grief over some of my “hardships”, and “misfortunes” (In reality, things are not that hard for me). I began to act like my three year old niece: “How come this...” “Why not that...” “It’s not fair...” To tell you the truth, looking back on it now, it was pretty disgusting. But at that time I didn’t care. I felt cheated out of life and I wanted to let God know about it. This went on for almost an hour. Towards the end of my bickering, as I was shopping at a local food market, God just let me have it. What is cool about God is that He smacks you on the head sometimes and beckons you to do something. This time, through a thought, I felt these words write across my head: “You complain too much. Just look around you there are miracles everywhere.” I stopped, literally. Imagine a man in the middle of the aisle in the frozen food department, just frozen. A little ironic if you ask me. Yet that phrase hit me, it hit me pretty hard. My first thought, “Me?! Complain? No!” That didn’t last to long, obviously God replied, “Yes, you!” At this point of my Christian walk, I learned to not argue with God. You never win. He’s 100% right. Just sit there and reflect. However, today, was different. I reflected and I learned.

I remember a sermon by Pastor Andy Stanley where he reflected on how God has the whole world in His hands. If God had the whole world in His hands then He is present where everywhere. Thus came the challenge to me in some what of a whisper from Him: “My work is all around, miracles are all around. See if you spot them. In fact, see if you can find one each day.” and just like that, my complaining ended. I was asked by God to find miracles all around me. So here I am, writing. For one year, I hope to write down some of the miracles I see, and inspire everyone to look for God’s hand all around. I will still be writing my daily devotions here on this blog, but it’s time to open my eyes to see what God is doing.


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