Miracle Day 1

I was honestly looking for a miracle, but it was difficult, I was in the store trying to find God’s handy work somewhere. So I resorted to what I do well, complain. Boy, I was complaining, but instead of bickering about my life, it morphed to “how the heck am I going to find a miracle.” Then lo and behold, I found it. I think God made it easy for me. But in a little refrigerator at the supermarket, I saw the miracle. In a form of a bottle labeled in white, it read “Pepsi Throwback: Made with Real Sugar”. I just nearly lost it. You know how long I prayed for this?! Literally, this was a miracle. For years I have longed for soda to go back to using sugar. Even though on the label it said “For a limited time.” I didn’t care. Here was the miracle. Real soda using real sugar.

I dislike high-fructose corn syrup, with a passion. I longed for years to have soda in the real form, with sugar. So tonight it was going to happen. What a special occasion this night was turning out to be. I cooked dinner, fired up Netflix, and sat down. Now I just chilled my soda in the freezer for 20 minutes to make it extra cold. I was oozing with excitement. I slowly twisted off the cap, and lifted it my lips, and when I felt the first drop of this magnificent drink hit my mouth, I was praising God. To best describe it, I could only think of that quote by Frank the Tank, “Once it hits your lips it feels so good!” So yes, there it is, miracle #1, in the form of a white bottle soda. Don’t get me wrong the food was good, and the movie documentary I watched, “Tyson”, was miracle #2 for the day. But today’s big miracle came in the form of a little bottle.


Misty said…
You are too funny. Enjoy your liquid sugar.

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