“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastics 3:1

It may be time for a change. Here in this chapter Solomon talks about seasons in ones life. He then begins his very famous speech about times of change in life. What he makes clear is that change is inevitable and a necessary thing in ones life. Change sparks growth, maturity, and seems to be the spark that makes the world go around. If there is anything in life that is consistent, it is change. So what does Solomon do, does he question God, does he fight it. No, he accepts it and accepts it as is. No reservations, no resistance. He moves with the flow, and makes best of it. For he admits that God allows it, and there is a reason for it all.

Usually in my case, verses from the bible speak lessons in my life that show what I need to learn, however, here today, I read this verse in the midst of transformation. Change is never easy, but it in many cases, it is a sign of something good. Something God brings along to show His wonderful plan. But I am nervous, I am sacred, and I am afraid of the unknown. However, like Solomon, I should accept it and see God’s wonderful plan.

Lord thank you for change


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