To Crave...

Like newborn babies, crave spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation. -1 Peter 2:2

Crave; it means to ask for earnestly, to want greatly, to have an inner desire for something. Cravings, most of the time, is viewed in a very negative light. However, in this case, cravings are good. The reason for it being good is that to crave spiritual milk is essential for Christian growth. Crave spiritual milk, that is what Peter is saying here. Why? It is a necessary stepping stone to growing in Christ. To grow in Christ you need to have that inner most desire to have nothing more than to know Him better. That should be our core desire of our heart. Deep within the heart there needs to be a burning desire to get to know God more and more. Though this message appears to be for young Christians, it does not negate that this should be for every Christian. Crave Jesus.

I got up this morning and I just felt an uneasiness in me. It is hard to describe, but I felt as if something was missing. After going throughout much of the day I began to realize that what was missing was that I needed to go see Jesus. I needed to go hear from Him. I recognized this feeling from past experiences, but today it was pretty intense. Today reminded me that I need Jesus more than anything else. It was as intense as being hungry. But it was a gentle reminder of how much I need Jesus. I really want to dig deeper into my faith. I want to know God more. This though is not easy. Knowing God takes a tremendous amount of effort and discipline. Because of my nature, I am easily distracted and sometimes I don’t see things clearly. But, as today serves as an example, knowing God is so much more beneficial then anything else. God, there is Him and really everything else is worthless.

Lord I pray for this feeling to stay with me, continue to light my fire for You.


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