Different Levels of Faith...

“One man’s faith allows him to eat everything, but another man, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables.” Romans 14:2

Wussy. Nah, just joke. But what Paul is talking about here is some of the practices that were probably going on in Rome. What was common during that time was that the Romans would offer food sacrifices to their various gods hoping that the gods would show them favor. However, what often would happen was that the cleaners of the gods would turn around and sell the food in the market place for a profit. Kind of resourceful if you ask me. But I guess with certain Christians who had issues with those eating the meat from sacrificed idols, the did not find this practice approving. They were probably super offended at those who did such a thing. But I love this verse, it shows much more then what is said.

Contrast this to today. Okay, there is one movie that I really want to see this upcoming week that I know that we have to sneak around and see. Not that the movie is pornographic, but I know that there will be scenes in that movie that some will argue to the tee that it is immoral and is a tool from hell to drag us to spiritually down the path of immorality and debauchery and then Sodom and Gomorrah will arise. Yes, I heard it all. But what is important is that you recognize what Paul was saying. Some of the believers in our mist do not have the some of the conviction that I may have, or they may make a certain issue that is dear to them. What is important is that we must love others beyond ourselves, and think of how our actions may affect the most weakest of Christians. The paranoia of my public action is that I will be doing something I find okay, but someone will have a faith shattering expereince. So should I see this movie? Well, how much do I love my brother?

Lord love above all should trump all. Help me make wise decisions and love my brother beyond myself.


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