Eternal Keen Sense...

“I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe, how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things” John 3:12

Jesus here is speaking to Nicodemus trying to explain the essence of being born again. Though not surprising, Nicodemus is not catching on. Looking at Nicodemus’ situation now and after reading this, I find it rather simple. Believe in Jesus, be born again, in spirit. Now this is after the fact of the Resurrection, and about 2000 years of people writings and a lot of theological discussion this topic. To Nicodemus who is hearing this for the first time, it is kind of blowing him away. Maybe his understanding was hindered. It seems as if he was stuck on something that did not allow him to fully grasp what Jesus was explaining.

After reading this I wondered how much of Nicodemus is suck in me. I wonder how many times God was showing me some sort of Heavenly truth or a moment where He is working but because me being stuck on a certain way, or a certain idea I am not able to fully grasp what that truth is or I miss what is going on. To really understand God’s working around us I need to develop a keen sense of the eternal. So how is that done? Through obedience to Him. What I desire is an open spirit that sees God moving and teaching all the time, but because or disobedience, I often find myself trying to understand heavenly concepts with a carnal mind.

Lord point me to the direction of obedience so that I can see heaven’s truth all around me.


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