When God comes after you

Haggai 1:3-4

Is it a time for you yourselves to dwell in your paneled houses, while this house lies in ruins? Now, therefore, thus says the Lord of host: Consider your ways.

You know when God says something along the lines above, you forgot to do something. Here it seems that the Israelites were taking care of themselves going on in life, but it seems they forgot that God called them back for a purpose. To set up His temple. So what does God do, he summons Haggai to call them to order, making them step it up. Stepping it up consist of becoming who God called you to be or to do what He called you to do. Now I don’t blame the Israelites, they are building their city back. They are building their houses, their farms, their lives. It’s not a small nor easy task. So therefore God understandably gives grace, however, when the time has past that after the set up is done and they are beginning to try and make money or become profitable, that’s when He calls. He calls them back to not forget why they are there. The forgot that they are there because of God. This is a big “oops” moment for them. But maybe, they just forgot or got caught up in life, but it’s not a bad thing, they just needed to be reminded. Now He is calling.

Yesterday I saw the movie “The Equalizer”. The movie has a scene where the main character talks about the book “The Old Man and the Sea”. He describes a part of the book where the old man is chasing the fish and eventually catching it, was the biggest prize because the fish has to be the fish and the old man must be the man. A great respect was given for each, but each knew what they were called to be. Sometimes I forget who God called me to be. Between last night’s movie and this bible verse I am just reminded that God assigned me to do something. The above verses reminds me of the things God called me to. Hey I admit, I get distracted. I really do. Life has a way of doing that. I must make many decisions through out the day and there are times at the end of the day, I look back and go, oops.. I forgot to do that. But what I must not forget that I am created for His purpose and meaning. I may forget sometimes, but it’s okay, God calls back and gives me a reminder. Now, I must respond.

Lord thank you for this reminder. I know there are times where I forget why I am here. But I know Lord that I am here for Your purpose.


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