The Calling….

Exodus 3:10

So now, go, I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt

Being called is a big thing. To be asked by God to accomplish his work is what every Christian should look forward to. Moses was called 40 years after he felt the urge in his hear to help his people. The calling came after a failed first attempt of what he felt his life was supposed to be about. It came after he settled in to a life where he was very comfortable. He was called at a time where things we going good. God’s calling probably was not expected at this point. It is no wonder why he questions God at the most highest level. He constantly ask for signs, ask for confirmation, ask for guidance. It seems like impossible that he would be called out now at this time for His work. But God did, God asked, and Moses said yes.

God called you and I to do his work also. Though it may not be as grand as leading his people out of Israel, but it is a calling none the less. What we can learn here through Moses is that when you are called it’s okay to ask question. It’s okay to ask God for confirmation, it’s okay to ask God for help. The thing to focus in on is that Moses did not say no. He said yes, and asked for guidance. He asked for God’s help to accomplish his plan. He said yes and God filled in the rest. That is the approach that I must have, that is the approach that God be approving on. How often I say no and walk away. But God is asking for a “Yes” and for us to ask “how”.

So Lord I will say yes, but Lord please show me how.


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