Letting us vent

Job 30:20
“I cry out to you, O God, but you do not answer; I stand up, but you merely look at me."

Job seems tired at this point. For the past, oh I'd say 22 chapters all we heard about is his suffering. These past month has been a pretty grim one for the Old Testament reading. But what is God trying to teach us? What is God trying to say through his servant Job? Personally I don't know. But what I see here is an honest account of someone's faith. An honest heart to heart with God and saying, "Seriously God? What is going on?" While it is true that suffering does produce character, it just a painful process.

I like Job's honesty with God. I like how he just is venting all his concerns, frustrations, and disappointments with Him. I like how he just lays it into God. The thing is God can handle it. I think for me, I don't feel as if this type of honest Christianity is shared very often. Especially when those prosper around you, while you deep in your heart suffer. Quite often what I get from others and what I feel myself is what I call, "suck it up and suffer". Often its masked in, "well things aren't going well, but hey God is in control" or "have faith, He will bring it to pass." I hate to hear these phrases. But while they are true, you know there is a sense of injustice or unfairness that you just cannot shake off. I often ask myself during these times, hey, what about me? Not to be selfish, but just an honest heartfelt question of God do you even care about me? But yet my faith in God is to trust in the unseen. But it does suck sometimes. Yet the lesson from Job is that it's okay to vent it to God. He does hear, he can handle it.

God I'm going to vent, thank you for allowing me to just act like your child sometimes.


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