But for You

“But for you, O Lord, do I wait; it is you, O Lord my God, who will answer.” -Psalm 38:15

David must have been in pretty tough situation to be uttering these words of pain. The first half of this Psalm he cries out to God of his suffering. He gives God a brutally honest account of his feelings and what he is experiencing at that moment. Then he makes this beautiful transition, “But for you....” Though he is suffering and though he is going through anguish, David then expresses his trust in the Lord. He calls out to God and awaits His answer.

God does answer. But for me do I take the position of David here where I will wait on Him, or do I take matters in my own hands and try to change the situation without waiting for God. There is this thing about God and waiting. He loves to just answer after we wait. But like most of us here in the modern age, I hate waiting. I like the instant answer, the immediate reply, and the quick response. I have grown accustomed to the speed of this day and age, that this verse where David says he will wait, is somewhat a foreign idea to me. However, it seems that when God does his greatest works, he makes us humans wait before he does it. During that time there is usually suffering, hardship, and toils. But oh when He answers, it will be a great thing.

Lord thank you the lesson of waiting.


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