The Almighty and His Glory...

“Praise the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, you are very great; you are clothed with splendor and majesty.” Psalm 104:1

Oh the majestic beauty of God, this entire Psalm is dedicated to the beauty and the wonder of God. It’s pretty amazing to just absorb how great God is. The content in this Psalm just speaks of the beauty and the awesomeness of God. It’s refreshing sometimes to see how very great God is. To see how big He really is. In fact the words even in these Psalm does not do God any justice on how glorious He is. There is no word for Him, there is nothing that can depict how great He is. God is just that God.

You know a few days ago, I ran across a few videos on Youtube on how we humans originated on this earth. Of course we had the big bang evolutionary theory, then we had design theory, and there was also this weird theory where we were originated from aliens from another planet. While some made sense (well, sort of) most of it was pretty confusing and some just plain weird. I went to sleep thinking nothing of it and the next day I went out to go surf. It was a good size surf day, 3-4ft (Hawaiian style measurements, which is about a 6-8ft face). Riding these waves was sort of a challenge. Probably due to the fact that I am a tad bit out of shape and my surfboard could use some repairing. But while riding those waves, out in the beauty of the large Pacific Ocean it hit me. God is God. He is awesome. I don’t know why we try to explain away the shear beauty of this world and say it was all due to chance. In the ocean, surfing these monster waves, I was just reminded how beautiful my God is. And oh how powerful, yes, how powerful He is.

Lord, your creation just shouts Your name. May You be glorified.


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