Using all your rights

But Paul said to them, “They beaten us publicly, uncondemned, men who are Roman citizens, and have thrown us into prison; and do they now throw us out secretly? No! Let them come themselves and take us out.” Acts 16:37

Paul could have gone away quietly, but he chose not to. Here he makes a stand. He was beaten publicly, literally for no other reason then spreading the Good News. Falsely accused and made to look guilty, the authorities here just wanted to sweep him and his companions under the rug. However, Paul had different plans. He chose to make a stand, a stand that would not only clear his name but also clear the conscience of the people. He knew that he was a missionary in a place that was not welcoming to them. So by doing this he announced to the people that not only was he not guilty of doing any crime, but he also tells that as a Roman citizen, it was okay to believe in Christ.

I just can’t get this out of my mind, that here Paul embraces that he will use all that he is and all that he has to forward the Kingdom of God. Here Paul uses his Roman citizenship to show for vindication of any crimes, but also he shows that it’s okay to love God and be a Roman also. He uses his stature as a Roman citizen to promote God. This makes me want to use all the privileges that I have to spread God’s word. It may not be anything huge, but it can be used. It’s encouraging to know that though you may have labels in the outside world of what your job is, what your skill set is, or what your status is, you should use what ever your label is to help progress His kingdom. It is good to see that Paul though he was a Roman citizen, he was above all a man of God first.

Lord that you for this reminder that I am to be a man for You first, but also that I use what ever label I have to bring glory to You. Help me to do that.


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