Complete it.

Jesus replied, “Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” Then John consented. Matthew 3:15

John must have been pretty surprised here. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting to baptized Jesus. To him this must have been somewhat crazy. I mean Jesus was God, John knew that. So why he have to baptized Him. John was right, it should have been the other way around. But what is interesting here is that Jesus said this must be done. It must be complete. He did it to fulfill everything that it would be proper. This marked the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. This was the start. The intro to the next three years that rocked the world. So it was only fitting that it begin this way.

Now for me there are several lessons that you can learn from this. One is that like Jesus, I must complete all things. Even if it sounds or looks ridiculous, or if it is embarassing, or if it weird. To complete everything is necessary to end one season and begin the next. The second thing is that since Jesus was obedient to this it paved the way to begin the next step. Judging from what am reading here is that if you do not complete the assignment at first, God cannot move you on to what is next. God was pleased when Jesus was baptized and then it began the ministry of Christ. So how can I apply this to my life. I have lingering projects, incomplete assignments, and things where I haven’t finished. Here God says FINISH it so it is proper, and you can move on. Because really I don’t want to be stuck. Complete the assignment. God says.

Lord help me to complete things and be ready to move from one step to another.


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